The company «Nefteprominvest»

About us:

Since 2002 a group of very talented specialists in Nefteprominvest, LLC have been working on solving the most difficult problems in the high technology industry.

As of today we have allocated four main directions, where we are focusing on in our business:

  1. Development and production of lubricant materials and special fluids for aerospace industry and industrial equipment.
  2. Procurement of spare parts, materials and accessories for maintenance and service of Russian manufactured aviation equipment to the companies located outside of Russia.
  3. Supply of Russian operators and factories, which provide services for foreign aviation equipment, with spare parts, materials and accessories.
  4. Development and synthesis of technologies in experimental-industrial production of complex chemical compounds, used in microelectronics, photovoltaic and pharmaceuticals, where the smallest inaccuracy can lead to rejection of the whole order and, as a result, to financial loss and reputation failure.

In spite of the fact, that every system has its individual approaches and ways of control, the main goal is to prevent situations, which can entail to the breach of preset standards.

Using the most effective ways of control, we constantly work on improvement of such points as certification and training of our specialists, standardization of manufacturing and business processes, quality control of raw materials and final products, inspection of related regulatory and technical documentation, checking of raw materials authenticity, rotation of employees, responsible for the most important processes.

In this way observation of all these factors helps us to maintain stability of high standards and quality of goods and services we produce and perform.

Our competence:

  1. Technologies of creating formulas of synthetic fluids, used in the modern hi-tech processes, including compound of import-substituting products.
  2. Export – Import:
    1. Registration of various inspections, expertise, resolutions and permissions for any kind of “dual use” products,
    2. Logistic solutions of any complexity,
    3. Legal support (contracts, agreements, insurances, etc)
    4. Financial aspects (proper selection of conditions, LC, non-payment insurance, risk insurance, etc)
  3. Highly skilled experts in the chemical industry, who work in developing of new formulas and industrial technologies of purification of organometallic and organosilicon compounds.
  4. Cooperation with leading institutes in organization of qualified bench testing to get an allowance for making and using certain products for aviation and special equipment under control.
  5. Our employees (staff) will be more than happy to speak to you in Russian, English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and Chinese languages.


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