Nytro 11GX

High-quality transformer oil has good antioxidant properties and electrical insulation ability. It has high stability against oxidation. It is allowed to use along with VG, GK in the following equipment: power and measuring transformers, reactors, inputs up to 1150 kV inclusive, oil switches.

Index nameNytro 11GX
Kinematic viscosity, mm2/s not more  
at + 40°С 11
at −30°С 1800
Acid number,mg Koh per 1 g of oil not more 0,01
Flash Point, COC 135
Content of mechanical impurities отсутствует
Pour Point,°С −45
Dielectric loss tangent,%, not more at 90°C 0,5
Stability against oxidation:



sediment content, % by weight,

acid number of oxidized
oil, mg KOH per 1G of oil,
not more than
Density at 20°C, kg/m3, not more 895
The presence of corrosive sulfur none
The content of the oxidation inhibitor, % 0,3+0,4


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