GOST 1861-73

Compressor oil K-19 is produced from low-sulfur crude oils and are used for lubricating piston and rotary compressors and blowers.

Index nameNorm
Compliance with classifi cations ISO VG ISO 6743/3В (DIN 51506) 220 DAA (VC)
Kinematic viscosity at 100°С mm2 /s 17–21
Viscosity index, not less than -
Acid number, mg КОН/g, within 0,04
Temperature, °С:  
- Open cup fl ash point, °С, not less than 245
- Pour point, not more than -5
Mass fraction, %, not more than:  
- Mechanical impurities 0,007
- Water None
Coking, %, not more than 0,5
Oxidation stability:  
- Sediment, %, not more than 0,015
- Acid number, мг КОН/г, not more than -
Corrosive effect on metals Pass
Corrosion on plates of the lead, g/m2 , not more than -


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