TU 38.1011296-90

The oil is produced using distillate petroleum refining components with the double deep refining of base oils. It contains additives to enhance its anti-oxidizing and anti-corrosive properties.  Kp-8S is intended for the lubrication of industrial turbine sets of various kinds where high sedimentation resistance and good antioxidant stability are required. It is the main oil type used in integrated lubrication systems of turbine sets and high-loaded drive reducers (multipliers) at the enterprises of chemical, oil-refining and other industries.

Color on dark petroleum colorimeter, units2,5
Index nameNorm
Kinematic viscosity, mm2/s:
at 100°С
at 40°С
Viscosity index 95
Acid index, mg KOH/g 0,05
Temperature, °С:
Flash point in open crucible, ˚С
Pour point, ˚С
Coke value, % 0,05
Ash content 0,005
Density at 20˚С, kg/m³ 885


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