TU 38.4011055-97

Agrinol KS-19p is oil for compressor units. It is intended for lubricating of piston and rotary compressors of average and high pressure.

Index nameNorm
Compliance with classifi cations ISO VG ISO 6743/3В (DIN 51506) 220 DAB (VDL)
Kinematic viscosity at 100°С mm2 /s 18–24
Viscosity index, not less than 90
Acid number, mg КОН/g, within 0,03
Temperature, °С:  
- Open cup fl ash point, °С, not less than 240
- Pour point, not more than -15
Mass fraction, %, not more than:  
- Mechanical impurities None
- Water Traces
Coking, %, not more than -
Oxidation stability:  
- Sediment, %, not more than None
- Acid number, мг КОН/г, not more than 0,5
Corrosive effect on metals Pass
Corrosion on plates of the lead, g/m2 , not more than -


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