TU 38.1011331-90

NG-203A oil is made from a mixture of industrial oil and an oil solution of calcium sulfonate with the addition of amines, alkylphenol and oxidized petrolatum.

It is used for corrosion protection of external and internal surfaces of machine parts and mechanisms. It is used as an additive to diesel fuels for marine engines. In addition, NG-203A oil is used for the preservation of products made of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Flash point in open crucible,°C, not lower180
Index nameNorm
Appearance Oily liquid of dark brown color
Kinematic viscosity, mm2 /s at 100 °С, within 25-50
Mass fraction of ash,%, not less 3,0
Alkalinity, mg Koh/g, not less 4,0
Water content None
Mass fraction of mechanical impurities, not more than 0,04
Density at 20°C, g / cm3, within 0,910-0,930


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