Emulsol EGT

TU 38.101-149-95

Emulsol EGT - water-miscible cutting-cooling technological means. The basic operational characteristics: emulsifiable, 5-10% water emulsion.

Emulsol EGT is used in blade processing of ferrous metals.

Index nameNorm
Appearance and color Homogeneous liquid of brown color
The stability of a 3% emulsion for 3 hours provided oil, %, not more 1,0
Water content,%, max 10
Acid number, mg KOH per 1 g of emulsifier, not more than 8,0
The content of free alkali in terms of NaOH, %, not more 0,3
Total organic acid content,%, max 12
The corrosivity of the emulsion prepared with distilled water withstands
PH 3% emulsion 9-10


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