TU 38.1011191-97

Industrial oil ILS-5 is designed for high-speed spindle units of machine tools. Applied for lubrication of light-loaded high-speed mechanisms (spindles, bearings and their associated connections). Oil ILS-5 economically most expedient to use instead of the viscosity of oils without additives, I-5A and I-8A.(instead of GPI-4 and GPI-6, GPI-8, GPI-14 - distillate oil from sulphurous oils of deep selective treatment with antioxidant, antiwear, anticorrosion and antifoaming additives. suitable viscosity oils without additives I-5A and I-8A.

Index nameNorm
Kinematic viscosity at 40°C, mm2/s 4,1-5,1
Acid number, mg Koh per 1 g of oil not more 1,0
Viscosity index, not less than -
Ash content, %, not more 0,2
Content of mechanical impurities none
Water content none
Density, kg/m3, max 850 (880)
Pour Point, °С - 15
Flash Point, COC, °С 110
Mass fraction, %:
zinc, not less
sulfur, not more
Penchant for foaming: foam stability, cm3, not more:
at 24°С
at 94°С


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