TU 0253-007-00151911-93

Oil industrial INSP-110 is used for vertical sliding guides and rolling machine tools, as well as horizontal guides with vertical faces of a large area. In addition, it can be used to lubricate other machine components, such as gear and worm gears, quills, Cams, ratchet mechanisms. - distillate, residual or a mixture of distillate and residual oils from sulfur oils of selective purification containing anti-slip, extreme pressure, adhesive, solubilizing and anti-foaming additives.

Index nameNorm
Appearance Homogeneous transparent liquid
Kinematic viscosity at 40°C, mm2/s 175-200
Acid number, mg Koh/g, not more 2,0
Ash content,%, within 0,15-0,25
Content of mechanical impurities, % not more than 0,04
Water content traces
Density at 20°C, kg/m3, no more 920
Pour Point, °С -15
Flash Point, COC, °С 200
Tribological characteristics, not less:
the index of abrasion (iz), N
welding load (RS), N
critical load (RC), N
Testing for corrosion withstands
Adhesive properties the apparent stickiness
Mass fraction of water-soluble acids and alkalis none


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