TU 38.1011025-85

Oil GK is made of sulphuric and waxy crude oil using hydrocracking process that increases product stability and performance.

Has good dielectric abilities and high anti oxydative stability.

Is recommended to power equipment of high voltage class.

Fully conforms to requirements of standard MEK 296 to oils of IIA class.

Product from original drums can be used without drying.

Absence of water soluble acids and alcalis.

Contains antioxidant (ionol) not less than 0.25%-0.4%.

Conforms to IEC 60296(2003). In original packing breakdown voltage not less than 70 kV.

Index nameNorm
Kinematic viscosity, mm2/s (CS):  
at 50°C
at 40°C 12
at -30°C 1200
Flash point in closed pot, °C, not less 135
Pour point, °C, not more -45
Total Acid Number, mg KOH/g, not more 0.01
The loss tangent of a dielectric at 90°C,%, not more 0.5
Breakdown voltage after preparation, kV, not less 70
Anti oxidative stability (155°C, 14h, 50 ml/min), 0
Volatile low-molecular acids, mg KOH/g, not more 0.04
Mass fraction of residue,%, not more 0,015
Total Acid Number of oxidated oil, mg KOH/g, not more 0,1


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