GOST 23652-79

TSp-10 oil is intended for lubricating of heavily loaded cylindrical, bevel and spiral bevel gears operating under the contact stresses up to 1500 2000 MPa and temperatures of oil in volume up to (100-110)°С. Product is a winter oil, operational at the temperatures up to minus 45°С.

Index nameNorm
Kinematic viscosity at 100°С, mm2/s 10,0
Viscosity index, not less than 90
Corrosion test (for 3 hours):  
- At 100°С (steel and copper plates) Pass
- At 120°С (copper plates), points, not more than -
Temperature, °С:  
- Open cup fl ash point, °С, not less than 128
- Pour point, not more than -40
Tribological characteristics on 4 balls machine at (20±5) °С, N, not less than  
- Scuff index 3479
- Critical load 470
- Wear index (392 N), mm, not more than -


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