Turbonycoil 98

Turbonycoil 98 is made of a polyalkyleneglycol thickened diester and contains specific additives to improve its anti-oxidant properties. It is a lubricating oil with a viscosity of 7.5 cSt at 100°C.

Turbonycoil 98 is intended for the lubrication of some aircraft and marine turbine engines as well as accessory equipment, particularly on turbopropeller engines where a high viscosity oil is required to protect the gears from heavy wear.

Turbonycoil 98 is widely used on Russian-made helicopters as an analog for the Russian oil B3V (specification TU 38 101295-85) to lubricate the engine and the main rotor gearbox. TURBONYCOIL 98 is approved by the Russian Institute of Aviation Motors (CIAM) for use on such equipments.


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