TU 38.401-58-43-92

Compressor oil K2-24 is designed for lubrication of multi-stage reciprocating high-pressure compressors, including for compressors of air-separation plants that operate in moderate modes. Selective cleaning. Contains additives that improve antioxidant and anti-wear properties.

Index nameNorm
Kinematic viscosity at 100˚С, mm²/s:
at 100°С
at 40°С
Viscosity index, min 82
Acid index, mg KOH/g, max 0,35
Temperature, °С:
Flash point in open crucible, ˚С, min
Pour point, ˚С
Koksuyemost, %, max 0,5
Ash-content of basic oil, %, max 0,06
Density at 20˚С, kg/m³ 900


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