TU 38.101973-85

Lubricating-cooling fluid MR-10 — oil lubricating-cooling technological means.

It is used for high-speed grinding of cutting tool profiles (drills, taps, reamers, mills) of high-speed steels, as well as for profile grinding of alloyed structural steels.

Index nameNorm
Appearance and color Homogeneous oily liquid
Smell Specific for mineral oil
Viscosity kinematic at 50°C, mm2/s 12-16,5
Flash Point, COC, °С 175
Density at 20°C, g /m3 0,806-0,930
Corrosive towards ferrous metals withstands
Saponification value, mg Koh/g, not less 11,0
Water mass fraction none
Mass fraction of chlorine, % 1,2-1,7
Mass fraction of phosphorus, % 0,05-0,2
The content of mechanical impurities,%, not more 0,04
Storage stability withstandsт


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