TU 0253-007-00151911-93

Oil industrial INSP-40 is used for lubrication of sliding guides and rolling machine tools, transmission of lead screw-nut machines of special high accuracy, with program control, heavy and others, which require the uniformity of slow movements, accuracy and sensitivity of the installation movements of tables, supports, sliders, heads, racks and other components, as well as where it is necessary to reduce the level of friction coefficients in static and kinetic conditions. Oil INSP-40 is used for lubrication of easy and medium-loaded horizontal guides. In addition to the main purpose of INSP can be used to lubricate other machine components, such as gear and worm gears, quills, Cams, ratchet mechanisms.- distillate, residual and a mixture of distillate and residual oils from sulfur oils of selective purification, containing anti-slip, extreme pressure, adhesive, solubilizing and anti-foaming additives.

Index nameNorm
Kinematic viscosity at 40°C, mm2/s 50-70
Acid number, mg Koh per 1 g of oil not more 2,0
Ash content,%, within 0.15-0,25
Content of mechanical impurities, % not more than 0,04
Water content traces
Density at 20°C, kg/m3, no more 908
Pour Point, °Се - 20
Flash Point, COC, °С 190
Tribological characteristics, not less:
the index of abrasion (iz), N
welding load (RS), N
critical load (RC), N
Testing for corrosion Withstands
Mass fraction of water-soluble acids and alkalis None


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