GOST 23652-79

TAD-17 oil is obtained by mixing the residual and distillate components and the introduction of multifunctional sulfur-phosphorus, anti-foam and depressant additives.

TAD-17 oil is designed to lubricate all types of gear, including hypoid, cars and other mobile equipment.

Index nameNorm
Density at 20°C, g/CC, not more than 0,910
Kinematic viscosity, mm2/sec:  
  at 100°С 14,0-15,5
  at 50°С 110-120
Viscosity index, not less than 95
Mass fraction,%, not more:  
  mechanical admixture 0,01
  water traces
Temperature, °С:  
  Flash Point, COC 190
  Pour Point -28
Corrosion test for 3 h on copper plates at 120°C, points, max
Thermal-oxidative stability:  
  viscosity increase at 50°C, % not more 100
  sediment in petroleum ether, % not more than 3
  the residue in benzene, %, not more 2
Propensity to foaming, CC, no more:  
  at 24°С 50
  at 94°С 50
  at 24°C after testing at 94°C 50
Ash content,%, not more 0,3
Tribological characteristics on a four-ball friction machine:  
  bully index, H, not less 58
  welding load, H, not less 3685
  wear indicator at 20°C for 1 h and an axial load of 392 H, mm, not more 0,4
Mass fraction of active elements,%, not less:  
  phosphorus 0,08
  sulfur 1,5


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