TU 38.401-58-3-90

VM-3 oil - is applied as working liquid in busterny paromaslyany (diffusive) pumps of high efficiency, and also, in certain cases, in mechanical pumps with oil consolidation of the interfaced details. Well cleared mineral and some synthetic products are a part of vacuum VM-3 oil. Distinctive feature of VM-3 is higher (in comparison with vacuum VM-1, VM-1S, VM-5 and VM-5S oils) resistance to oxidation processes.

Index nameNorm
Kinematic viscosity mm2 /s  
- At 20°С 8-11
- At 100°С -
Acid number, mg КОН / g, not more than 0,2
Temperature, °С:  
- Open cup flash point, °С, not less than 150
- Pour point, not more than -12
Color, CNT units, not more than 3,5
Fractional composition of oil, °С:  
- Temperature of the beginning of the distillation, not less than 95
- 90% of the oil distilled at a temperature not higher than 175
- The end of the boil, not more than -
Vapor pressure at 20°С, Pa, not more than 1,33·10-2
Density at 20°С, kg/m3, not more than 890


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