ГОСТ 6360-83

MT-16P engine oil is used to lubricate transport diesel engines of type B2 and similar in terms of boosting naturally aspirated engines. It is produced from low-sulfur oils by compounding a mixture of residual and distillate components with a composition of washing, antioxidant, depressant and anti-oxidant additives. With the use of a new, more effective additive composition, the level of performance properties of MT-16P oil exceeds the requirements for B2 group oils.

Index nameNorm
Viscosity kinematic at 100°C, mm2/s 15,5-16,5
at 40°С, not less than
at 0°С, no more than
Viscosity index, not less than 85
Carbon oil without additives, %, not more _
Acid number of oil without additive, mg KOH/g, not more _
Alkaline number, mg KOH/g, not less 4,0
Oil ash content, % (mass fraction):
without additive, not more
with additives
Mass fraction of mechanical impurities,%, not more
without additive
with additives
Temperature, °С:
Flash Point, COC
Pour Point
Corrosion on lead plates, g/m2, not more 5,0
Density at 20°C, kg/m3, not more thanе 905
Degree of purity, mg/100g of oil, not more 600
Tribological characteristics at the temperature of (20±5)°С:
wear indicator at constant load 196 H, mm, not more
mass fraction of sulfur in oil without additive,%, not more
Mass fraction,%, not more:


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