AMS-1, AMS-3

GOST 2712-75

AMS-1, AMS-3 are high-viscosity petroleum oil, thickened with aluminum soap of stearine acid.

Sea-water greases AMS-1, AMS-3 are used for hydroplanes and other aircraft sea water protection.

The grease is operative at temperatures from 0°C to + 70°C; grease AMS-1 is applied at temperatures from – 15°C to + 65°C.

Index nameNorm
Drop point, °C, min. 100
Penetration at 0°C, 0,1 mm 200-250
Point of break at 20°C, Pa 450-1200
Viscosity at 0°C and rate of deformation average gradient 10s-1, Pa•s, max. 2000
Colloid stability, %, max. 5


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