Russian aviation lubricants

The company “Nefteprominvest” operates as a supplier of the integrated range of oil products such as different oils, greases, special lubricants, including delivery to the Nearby and Foreign Countries.

The exporting division has a priority in the activity of the company nowadays and is able to be competitive, that’s why we assure to make deal of mutual benefit.

Due to the high qualification of the personnel the procedure of supply beginning with a commercial proposal in the frame of optimal balance of price and quality, going to the most appropriate way of shipment ending delivery deadlines is clearly performed.

The company actually holds a large number of storage remainders, including rare and customer products, moreover the power capacity of the enterprise allows to produce the most difficult request in a short time. If it is producing a small amount of the specific units or loading of transformer oils, every action will be controlled by the Quality Lab.

Constantly, The Company deals with the partners on the basis of strong responsibility and decency and earns an impeccable reputation.

The Company also usually aims long-term stable relationships with customers in the spheres of power energy, nuclear energy, aviation and military equipment, industrial machinery etc.


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