GOST 9433-80

Cyatim-221 is a silicone fluid thickened with a composite soap; it contains an antioxidant additive.

The heat-resistant Cyatim-221 lubricant is used for electric machine, control system and instrument roller bearings, rotating at the rate of up to 10,000 rpm within the temperature range from -60°C to +150°C and at the residual pressure of 666.5 Pa.

Index nameNorm
Drop point, °C, min. 200
Penetration at 25°C, 0,1 mm 280-360
Point of break at 20°C, Pa 250-450
Viscosity at 30°C and rate of deformation average gradient 10s-1, Pa•s, max. 800
Colloid stability, %, max. 7


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