VNII NP 50-1-4F

GOST 13076-86

VNII NP 50-1-4F - is a high-quality synthetic diester oil containing additives, which increase its anti-wear properties and thermo-oxidizing stability.

It doesn't contain silicium (Si<30ppm).

VNII NP 50-1-4F approved and applied for such turbofan engines as:

VNII NP 50-1-4F is used in turbojet aircraft engines with the outlet oil-temperature of up to 175°C (Il-96-300, Tu-204, Yak-42, An-74 and An-124 ‘Ruslan’ civil aircraft; An-72, MiG-21, MiG-23, MiG-27, Su-15, Su-17, Su-20, Su-24, Su-25, Su-27 and Tu-22 military aircraft and Mi-26 helicopters). VNII NP 50-1-4f is also used in the aircraft air-conditioning systems cooling turbines and in the gas-compressor plants gas-turbine engines.

Oil parameters in accordance with regulatory documentation (GOST/TU)VNII NP 50-1-4F GOSTVNII NP 50-1-4F average valuesTest method
Kinematic viscosity, mm2/с (cSt):     GOST 33-2000
at 100°С, min. 3,2 3,218  
at minus 40°С, max. 2000 1621  
at minus 54°С, max. 11000 10329  
Pour point, °C, max. -60 below -60 GOST 20287-91
Open flash point, °C, min. 204 229 GOST 4333-87
Acid number, mg KOH per 1 g of oil, max. 0,20 0,021 GOST 5985-79
Water-soluble acid and alcalis content, % Absent Absent GOST 6307-75
Water content Absent Absent GOST 1547-84
Mechanical impurities content,% Absent Absent GOST 6370-83
Density at 20°C, g/cm3, max. 0,9260 0,924 gost 3900-85
Ash content %, max. 0,1 0,022 GOST 1461-75
Tribological characteristics, taken with a four-ball tester at the air temperature of:     GOST 9490-75
critical load (Pk), N (kgf), min. 735 (75) (77)  
wear variable (Diameter Wear), mm, at axial load 196N (20kgf), max. 0,4 0,32  
Thermal-oxidative stability at 175°C within 50 hours and the air consumption of 10±0,5 dm3/hour     GOST 23797-79
а) mass content of residue, insoluble in isooctane, %, max. 0,3 0,022  
b) acid number after oxidation, mg KOH/g of oil, max. 0,4 0,074 GOST 5985-79
c) kinematic viscosity after oxidation at minus 40°C, mm2/s (cSt), max.: 3500 1654  
d) weight corrosion index after oxidation, g/dm2 (mg/cm2 ), on plates made of:      
- wrought aluminum alloy, grade AK4 (GOST 4784-74), max. ±2,0 Absent  
- made of grade M1 or M2 copper (GOST 859-78), max. ±1,5 Absent  
- steel grade SHH-15 (GOST 801-78) Absent Absent  


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