TU 38.1011299-2006 WITH AMEND 1-5

IPM-10 – is a synthetic hydrocarbon oil with a package of highly efficient additives.

The IPM-10 oil is used in heat-stressed gas-turbine military and civil aircraft engines with the outlet oil temperature of up to 200°C. It can also be used in aircraft cooling turbines as a standard oil brand, as well as in other assemblages, particularly, in aircraft engine powered gas-compressing plants.

Index nameNorm
Kinematic viscosity, mm2/с (cSt):  
at 100°С, min. 3,0
at minus 40°С, max. 3000
Open flash point, °C, min. 190
Pour point, °C, max. -50
Thermal-oxidative stability at 200°C within 50 hours and the air consumption of 3 dm3/hour:  
а) mass content of residue, insoluble in isooctane, %, max. 0,35
b) acid number after oxidation, mg KOH/g of oil, max. 8
c) kinematic viscosity after oxidation:  
- at minus 40°C, mm2/s (cSt), max. 5000
- at 100°C, mm2/s (cSt), max. 5,0
d) corrosion wieght index after oxidation, mg/cm2, on platelets made of:  
- wrought aluminum alloy, grade AK4 (GOST 4784-74), max. Absent
- M1 or M2 copper grade (GOST 859-78), max. 0,2
- steel, grade SHH –15 (GOST 801-78) Absent


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