TU 38.1011181-88

The MS-8rk oil is made from a special deep-refined base with antioxidant, antiwear and anticorrosive additives.

The MS-8rk oil is intended for aircraft engines lubricating and conservation. Equal to the MS-8p oil with regard to the performance criteria, MS-8rk by far exceeds it in point of conservation properties. The aircraft engine oiling systems conservation period is equal to 3 months when using the MK-8 oil, to 1 year in the case of the MS-8p oil, and increases to 4-8 years with the MS-8rk oil.

Index nameNorm
Kinematic viscosity, mm2/с (cSt):  
at 50°С, min. 8,0
at minus 40°С, max. 5000
Closed flash point, °C, min. 145
Pour point, °C, max. -55
Thermal-oxidative stability at 150°C within 50 hours:  
a) kinematic viscosity at 50°C after oxidation cSt, max. 11
b) kinematic viscosity at minus 40°C after oxidation cSt, max. 6750
c) acid number after oxidation, mg KOH per 1 g of oil, max. 0,7
d) mass content of residue after oxidation, %, max. 0,15
e) corrosion on plates after oxidation, mg/cm2, max.:  
- SHH-15 steel in accordance with GOST 801-60 Absent
- M1 or M2 copper in accordance with GOST 859-66 ±0,2
- AK-4 alluminum alloy in accordance with GOST 4784-74 Absent


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