GOST 20734-75

The 7-50C-3 oil is a blend of polysiloxane fluid and organic ester with an antiwear additive and oxidation inhibitors.

7-50C-3 is used in military aircraft hydraulic systems (including those of MiG-25 and MiG-29).

Index nameNorm
Kinematic viscosity, mm2/с (cSt):  
at 200°С, min. 1,3
at 20°С, min. 22
at minus 60°С, max. 4200
Acid number, mg KOH/g, max. 0,1
Open flash point, °C, min. 200
Pour point, °C, max. -70
Density at 20°C, kg/m3, max. 930-940


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